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Terms of Use

The control may be based on the terms of the user, which is based on the user's consent, and the rights of the user. Amadas is following the relationship laws of South Korea and its privacy regulations and privacy regulations. The "privacy policy" means the instructions to comply with the users who are safe and secure by the user's privacy policy. This privacy policy is probably applied to the control android app service. 1. Got camera info Amadas is probably a control of the camera information of the dozen of the dozen Perhaps you can acquire the product serial information of the Amadas lock or set it as an image. If you are set to an image, the photos taken will be converted to low-resolution images. This converted image will not be sent and will be saved only in the app on that phone. If you remove the app, the image saved to your app will be deleted. 2. Location information views As a security point of and this feature, it is only used to validate the installation position. And do not send separately and transfer. 3. User Photos, media information access If the user set an image stored on your phone, it will only be used to access it, but it will only be used to access this user's phone. If you remove the app, the image saved to your app will be deleted. 4. Mobile phone and sms shipping information When users create a temporary password of the lock, you will not be used to send a temporary password to your mobile phone and SMS transfers, and not used for other purposes. 5. Amadas may probably not provide the camera and the provided information of the customer's camera and provided information.